Niton XL2 Precious Metal Analyzer

Niton XL2 XRF Precious Metal Analyzer
With the volatility and high price of gold, failing to detect just a small variation in composition can be an expensive mistake. The Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 XRF Precious Metal Analyzer provides a fast, accurate, and most importantly, nondestructive method to test the purity and chemistry of all precious metals. The Niton XL2 XRF Precious Metal Analyzer quickly detects gold plating and counterfeit gold and gives you the exact elemental composition of jewelry and coins so you can be absolutely certain of the value of the precious metals you buy and sell.

The Niton XL2 XRF Precious Metal Analyzer delivers accurate analysis in just seconds in an easy-to-use, robust and reliable package. Measure the content of all gold and precious metals with no need to manually change your calibration based on the metal you’re analyzing—e.g., gold (Au), silver (Ag), platinum (Pt), palladium (Pd).

  • Easier, faster and more accurate than nitric acid test methods.
  • Faster, more comprehensive analysis than fire assay with comparable accuracy.
  • Efficiently identify most gold-plated items with Thermo Scientific AuDIT gold-plating detection technology.
  • Precisely determine the presence and concentration of other trace alloying elements and dangerous heavy elements, which could impact valuation and future refining needs.


  • Standard analytical range: >25 elements from S to U (varies by application).
  • Point and shoot simplicity—very easy to use even by nontechnical personnel.
  • Ideally suited for retail environments.
  • Nondestructive analysis with near-instantaneous results.
  • Ergonomic design.

Full specifications

  • Applications: Non-destructive method to test the purity and chemistry of precious metals
  • Available Analytical Modes Varies by application:
    • Alloy Modes: Metal Alloy, Electronics Alloy, Precious Metals;
    • Bulk Modes: Mining; Soil Plastic Modes: RoHS Plastics, Toy and Consumer Goods Plastics,Thermo Scientific Test
    • All Painted Products; Custom Modes: Upon request
  • Data Memory: 64MB internal system memory/128MB internal user storage
  • Data Storage: Internal >10,000 readings with spectra
  • Data Transfer: USB, Bluetooth and RS-232 serial communication
  • Description: Niton XL2 XRF Precious Metal Analyzer
  • Detector Type: High-performance semiconductor
  • Display Type: Fixed angle, color, touch-screen display
  • Height (English): 4 in.
  • Height (Metric): 100 mm
  • Length (English): 10.25 in.
  • Length (Metric): 256 mm
  • Width (English): 11 in.
  • Width (Metric): 275 mm
  • Optional Accessories: Portable test stand; Stationary (bench-top) stand; Mobile test stand; Welding mask; Soil testing guard
  • Power Consumption: 100µA
  • Security Features: Password-protected user security
  • Standard Accessories: Locking shielded carrying case; Shielded belt holster; Two 6-cell lithium-ion battery packs; 110/220VAC battery charger/AC adaptor; PC connection cables (USB and RS-232); Thermo Scientific™ Niton Data Transfer (NDT™) PC software; Safety lanyard; Check samples/standards
  • System Details: 4096 channel MCA; 64MB internal system memory/128MB internal user storage
  • Tube Type: Ag anode 45 kV maximum, 80µA maximum
  • Tube Voltage: 45 kV
  • Weight (English): 3.0 lb., 5.8 oz.
  • Weight (Metric): 1.53 kg
  • System Electronics: 400 MHz ARM 11 CPU, 300 MHz dedicated DSP, 80 MHz ASICS DSP for signal processing
  • Data Entry: Touch-screen keyboard, user-programmable pick lists, optional wireless remote barcode reader
  • Licensing: Registration: Varies by region. Contact your local distributor.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 10.25 x 11 x 4 in. (256 x 275 x 100 mm)
  • Certifications/Compliance: CE, RoHS
  • Unit Size Each

Niton XL2 XRF Precious Metal Analyzer Product Specifications

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