3 Top Best XRF Handheld Analyzer

3 Top Best Handheld XRF Analyzer

In choosing an XRF Handheld Analyzer, product specifications are important to consider. In this case, it is related to software and hardware. You need to consider the needs and the state of the location you are facing before choosing a suitable XRF Handheld Analyzer. Here is the top best handheld XRF analyzer so that you can make a choice.

1. Vanta by Olympus

Vanta is an XRF Handheld Analyzer produced by Olympus. This product is claimed to be the most sophisticated XRF Handheld Analyzer with the ability to provide fast and accurate analysis, such as laboratory quality. Because of its portable shape, you can easily carry this tool anywhere. Also, the Vanta design is made to be sturdy so that it is claimed to be more durable when compared to similar products.

The Vanta series from Olympus is also claimed to have navigation and software that is easier to operate. With the latest exclusive and innovative technology, Vanta will be able to increase productivity and analyze your samples. Some of the advantages of this product include exceptional durability, even in extreme conditions; high analytical power; wireless and there is a Bluetooth feature for data transfer; there is a cloud feature; friendly user interface.

2. Hitachi X-MET

Another top best XRF Handheld Analyzer isX-MET by Hitachi. This tool can accurately analyze various chemicals, such as metals, minerals, wood, polymers, etc. This tool has the feature of a large touch screen and an easy-to-use user interface. Its weight, which only reaches 1.5 kg, makes it feel light and practical to use anywhere. In addition to its easy operation, X-MET will provide undoubted results.

X-MET is also claimed to have proven its quality in analyzing various compounds with extraordinary precision. There are three types of X-MET that you can choose according to your needs, namely X-MET8000 Smart, X-MET8000 Optimum, and X-MET8000 Expert. Each of these types has different specifications that you can consider. Furthermore, the X-MET has also been equipped with ExTOPE feature which allows you to transfer data to other devices more easily and safely.

3. Elvatech ProSpector3

By Elvatech, ProSpector 3 is claimed to be the next generation of XRF Handheld Analyzer because of its futuristic features. This product offers greater speed, accuracy, and limits. Also, ProSpector 3 is considered to be the smallest and lightest XRF Handheld Analyzer. A friendly user interface and its ability to analyze various materials make this product considered to have quality over other similar products. The strength of the hardware is also claimed to be the strongest compared to similar products. It is also waterproof so that it can be used underwater. The battery endurance reaches 16 hours and is equipped with two CCD cameras for micro and macro vision. In addition to USB and MicroSD, ProSpector 3 is also equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth features to make it easier for you to transfer data.

Those are the top best XRF Handheld Analyzer that you can make a consideration. Each course has its disadvantages and advantages. Some of the factors that you may need to consider include ease of use, physical endurance, and the quality of the results of the analysis. Therefore, you can check the full specifications on the official website of each product.

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